Constructed wetland for a school in Tanzania


In October 2019, with the help of the teachers of BBS III in Hanover, we completed the first phase of the renovation of the wastewater treatment system for the Lwandai Secondary School in Mlalo, Tanzania.

Using the existing septic tanks, the wastewater from Dormitory 1, which houses 120 schoolgirls, is fed into a siphon shaft and from there evenly distributed to five container-based compact constructed wetland systems at intervals.
These are artificially aerated vertical flow filter systems with marsh plants, which are supplied with oxygen from below by solar-powered aerators. The capacity of the plant is designed for a wastewater volume of 7 m³ per day. The treated wastewater is fed to a vegetated leachfield (bananas, papayas, etc.). The entire plant works without a pump by gravity flow mode.

Our previous news to this project (feasibility study 2017) are here.