Wetland Roofs

Realized Projects

Some of our application examples and references you will find under the following downloads:

Download 1: Wetland roofs, a versatile and innovative type of green roof

Download 2: Realized wetland roof in Zofingen, Switzerland

Download 3: Wetland Roof in Jena, Germany

Our latest publications on this topic are:

Zehnsdorf, A., Willebrand, K. C. U., Trabitzsch, R., Knechtel, S., Blumberg, M., Müller, R. A. (2019): Wetland roofs as an attractive option for decentralized water management and air conditioning enhancement in growing cities - A Review. In: Water 2019, 11(9), 1845; https://doi.org/10.3390/w11091845.

Zehnsdorf, A., Blumberg, M., Müller, R. A. (2018): Helophyte mats (wetland roofs) with high evapotranspiration rates as a tool for decentralised rainwater management – process stability improved by simultaneous greywater treatment, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, December 2018.