Constructed wetlands and other sewage treatment systems

Realized projects

Our realized projects in wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands worldwide

Download 1: Reed bed treatment system; Sewage treatment plant Fronhausen, Germany

Download 2: Reed bed treatment system; Sewage treatment plant Hunnan New District, Shenyang, China

Download 3: Reed bed treatment system; Sewage treatment plant Lahstedt-Gadenstedt, Germany

Download 4: Reed bed treatment system and unaerated ponds; Sewage treatment plant Berel, Germany

Download 5: Reed bed treatment system; Wastewater treatment plant Mahshahr, India

Download 6: Reed bed treatment system on Yangtze River Island, Suzhou, China

Download 7: Constructed wetlands at Jiangxiang Village, Suzhou, China

Download 8: Xiyang Village constructed wetland, Suzhou, China

Download 9: Constructed wetland at Yangchen Lake, Suzhou, China

Download 10: Constructed  wetlands at Lotus Island on Yangchen Lake, West Project, Suzhou, China

Download 11: Constructed wetlands at Yanchen Lake, East Project, Suzhou, China

Download 12: Reed bed treatment system; Wetland restoration project for wildlife protection; Momoge National Nature Park, China

Download 13: Reed bed treatment system; Wetland treatment center of advanced materials; Changshu Industrial Park, China

Download 14: SBR-constructed wetland combination system for wastewater treatment and reuse in Mexico-City, Mexico

Download 15: Reed bed treatment system; Sewage treatment plant Silkerode, Germany

Download 16: Decentralised on-site wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands, Municipality Thumby, Germany

Download 17: Sewage treatment plant Bechhofen; Optimization of a trickling filter for domestic sewage treatment with artificial constructed wetlands, Germany

Download 18: Constructed wetland for tertiary wastewater treatment; Wastewater treatment plant Renquishausen, Germany

Download 19: Reed bed treatment system; Sewage sludge drying basins in Seoul, South Korea

Download 20: Natural wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands; Nagan Raya Hospital Sumatera, Indonesia

Download 21: Proposal for wastewater treatment plant; Activated sludge process

Download 22: Proposal for wastewater treatment plant; Conventional activated sludge process

Download 23: Proposal for wastewater treatment plant; Rotating biological contactors

Download 24: Proposal for wastewater treatment plant; Sequencing-batch-reactors

Download 25: Sewage treatment plant; Bechhofen, Germany

Download 26: Reed bed treatment systems (constructed wetlands) in the Middle East ( U.A.E, Iran, Oman, Jordan, Qatar)

Download 27: Cascade of ponds and constructed wetlands for treatment of agricultural polluted surface runoff

Download 28: Stormwater treatment wetland Eschbach, Germany

Download 29: Constructed Wetland for wastewater treatment of a fish processing factory in Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Download 30: Design Project for Ecological and Environmental Protection at Xingkai Lake, China

Download 31: Photodocumentation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment by constructed wetlands at Lake Taihu, China

Download 32: Raw Wastewater Treatment by Constructed Wetlands in Al Azraq, Jordan

Download 33: Reed Bed Treatment System for the Feynan EcoLodge, Jordan