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Ecological engineering for municipalities, industries and private applications

Company profile

Blumberg Engineers are consultants for engineering projects of water and wastewater treatment for more than 30 years, preferring the development and use of ecological engineering methods (“ecotechnologies”). We are basically independent consultants for civil engineering, doing planning and design, tendering, construction supervision of water projects and also engaged in expert assessment and research on special environmental topics.

Our office has extensive experiences in the successful application of wastewater and water treatment systems, having completed over 350 large and small scale projects worldwide (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, North Macedonia, France, Syria, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Canada, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Tanzania and Jordan), including industrial projects across several sectors.

We have scientific and practical know-how, especially in wastewater and sewage sludge treatment with reed bed technologies, methods of surface run-off and grey-water treatment and natural swimming pools without chlorine disinfection. We have also successfully decentralized the infrastructure of wastewater treatment for multiple municipalities in rural areas (on-site treatment) and realized industrial wastewater treatment plants as constructed wetlands.


From 2001 to 2010 we have been responsible for the commercial and technical management of four wastewater treatment plants for a rural municipality with 15,000 citizens in the German federal state Lower Saxony.

Our engineers are skilled specialists in civil, agricultural, ecological, electrical engineeringand landscape architecture.

Blumberg Engineers is associated with a network of consulting firms in Germany, Europe and other countries around the world. With these partners in civil engineering, hydrology, hydraulics, statics and geology, we can offer a number of innovative process designs to our clients.

Our tight collaboration with universities guarantees the integration of the latest scientific developments into our projects.

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