'Closed Cycles and the Circular Society' Symposium in Wädenswil, Switzerland, 2. - 4. September 2020


The long version of our presentation "Wetland roofs – a multifunctional green roof type - Basics and perspectives from engineering practice" is available for download.

The symposium is organized by the  Zurich University of Applied Science and the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES). Cooperation partner is the Ingenieurökologische Vereinigung (IöV), with Blumberg Engineers being one of its members.


Wetland roofs are irrigated green roofs for stormwater retention and for climatization of the floor below the roof. They can also be used for domestic greywater treatment. Stormwater or greywater is stored in a cistern and pumped in several intervals per day on top of the roof via an automatic irrigation controller. The water then supplements evapotranspiration losses in a  water storage and plant carrier mat. Evapotranspiration by marsh plants and shadowing of the roof is providing the cooling effects both for the rooms under the roof and for the outside environment. Wetland roofs can be constructed either on tilted or flat roofs and do not have any mineral layers, thus consisting only of the planted textile mat.

Find the long version of the presentation here