Raw wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands in Al Alzraq, Jordan


In November 2019, we completed the planning of an "integrated sludge/wastewater treatment plant" (raw waste water treatment) for 8358 inhabitants in Jordan.

The process principle of this two-stage wastewater treatment plant type is described under the following link: Raw wastewater treatment.

In future, the wastewater will be permanently pumped to the new treatment plant (515 m³ per day) via tankers that continuously pump out the septic tank contents (septage) from the settlement area and from a nearby refugee camp. The effluent concentrations are 543 kg/d BOD5.

The project is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in the 'Innovative Sanitation Solutions & Reuse in Arid Regions (ISSRAR)' programme and is managed and coordinated by BORDA West and Central Asia in a three-year implementation phase.


Data sheet: Al Azraq, Jordan