Design planning for constructed wetlands in municipality Friedenfels, Germany


We have been commissioned by the municipality Friedenfels (district Tirschenreuth in Bavaria, Germany) to design a new wastewater treatment plant for 3870 person equivalents (50% domestic sewage, 50 % brewery effluent).

The existing conventional sewage treatment plant will be replaced by a two-stage constructed wetland. The chosen system will be executed as a raw wastewater treatment plant, which integrates sewage sludge and wastewater decomposition by a sequence of vertical flow constructed wetlands (12.500 m² filter area on 2,3 ha total area). The process principle of reed beds is described under this LINK. The new innovative and close-to-nature wastewater treatment plant will be established in 2020. It will be the largest constructed wetland in Southern Germany.

Design planning has been finished in May 2020.