Raw wastewater treatment

Solutions for dry climates

Raw wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands

A video presenting the Al Haray two-step constructed wetland for raw wastewater treatment is presented here:

فديو توضيحي لمشورع معالجة مياه الصرف الصحي من خلال تقنية مرحلتي الاراضي الرطبة المُنشأة في مدينة الهاراي (النسخة العربية)                   


In November 2019, we completed the planning of an integrated sludge and wastewater treatment plant (raw wastewater treatment) for 8.358 inhabitants in Jordan. The following video shows the testing of the syphon for this project in the hydraulic engineering hall of the University of Kassel:

More information on the development of this self-starting syphon (lifter) is available here.