Individual sewage treatment

Individual on-site treatment and disposal by constructed wetlands as a dezentralized treatment strategy

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Walchensee decentralized local sewage onsite-treatment system

In 2010 the local sewage treatment system designed by us in 2005/2006 to serve the districts of Walchensee, Lobesau, Einsiedel, Zwergern and Urfeld of the municipality of Kochel am See in Bavaria also became operational in the municipality of Walchensee (the additional installation and/or improvement of about 200 small-scale treatment plants to include phosphate elimination and in some cases the required hygienisation stage).

Neighbouring villages such as Jachenau have already adopted this innovative concept, not least due to the citizens’ information meeting we held in Walchensee on 31.03.2006.

We were recently commissioned by the Walchensee local sewage system association (Dezentrales Abwasserkonzept Walchensee e. V.) to provide specific coordination services for the forthcoming Walchensee project. Improvements have already been carried out to the plants in the Lobesau, Einsiedel, Zwergern and Urfeld districts.

For more information on our local sewage treatment systems in central village areas that are subject to building planning regulations, see also:

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