… constructed wetlands, sewage sludge reed beds, natural stormwater treatment, green roofs with helophytes, floating islands, natural swimming pools …

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[Translate to Englisch:] Versuchsaufbau für die Entwicklung eines selbstansaugenden Hebers
Development of a self-starting syphon (lifter) for constructed wetlands with high flow rates

We commissioned the engineering office for hydraulic and hydrometry in Habichtswald (Germany) to design and test a multiple syphon (lifter) for the…

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Raw wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands in Al Alzraq, Jordan

In November 2019, we completed the planning of an "integrated sludge/wastewater treatment plant" (raw waste water treatment) for 8358 inhabitants in…

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Construction site visit of our chief engineer, Mr. Wolfram Sievert, at the sewage sludge reed beds in Wadi Hassan

Construction of the sewage sludge mineralisation reed beds commissioned by GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) has begun and with it…

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Constructed wetland for a school in Tanzania

In October 2019, with the help of the teachers of BBS III in Hanover, we completed the first phase of the renovation of the wastewater treatment…

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